The magic of online advertising optimised

You might be trying to guess: What the heck is Pay-Per-Click?
If you didn’t watch the PPC explainer on the side, here’s the abridged version:
Google, Bing and Amazon allow sellers to advertise their products and services by bidding on keywords. These keywords are what people often search when they go to these website in order to buy.
The way these websites work is that whoever has the highest bid will show up on the top results and consequently have a higher chance of winning the sale.
The principle behind these systems is basically the same. The most searched keywords are often between 2-4 terms that are considered the most valuable.
In the end, it’s a numbers game: You want to ensure you get sales traction by spending as little as possible.
Sounds pretty simple, right?
But here’s the catch:
How do you ensure your PPC cost is lower than your sales?
And even if you are willing to spend high to be on the top results, how do you optimise your ads, pages or listings in order to increase the chances of having a sale?
Because, it’s not enough to be on the top of the bidding game, you need to do everything possible so that your client will click that BUY button.
Finding your clients online is no kid’s game but you came to the right place!
Whether you are opening shop on Amazon, or want to advertise in Google or Bing, Super Kosher Sites is here to offer you awesome PPC service.
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