Landing Pages

Where your potential clients are sent

A Landing (or Squeeze) Page is a page designed for one thing only: to get your leads e-mail address (along with other relevant data).
There are many psychological tricks and UX optimisation techniques that will ensure you attract, delight and make your visitors happily give their information over to you. It’s basic customer focused business.
Usually you start off by offering something your potential clients will greatly appreciate for free. It can be an e-book, some helpful resource, consultation time or anything in between. Once you get their data, you begin to nurture their way into becoming your client.
But the cycle doesn’t end there, as (ideally) once they exit your funnel, they come back again for more and the trust relationship gets ever stronger.
Landing Pages are used by virtually every business and are a valuable source of income. But they need to be designed with care as it’s all too easy for the leads to click the X button in their browser for whatever reason.
It could be they don’t perceive enough value in what you offer, they feel it’s not worth the time invested or worse, that you are trying to get advantage over them.
Whatever the case, leave it to Super Kosher Sites to build for you an awesome and captivating Landing Page that will turn your visitors into customers!
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