Email Marketing

The most effective way to engage your audience

Email marketing is an art. Basically it consists of sending a series of emails to your leads until they become clients.

Perhaps you want to re-engage old clients? Maybe you want new ones?

It doesn’t matter, the principles are the same. You need though-out process to send these messages across your contacts in a segmented way so you achieve the greatest possible effect.

There are many elements to consider when sending emails. Besides the message, you also need to A/B test colors, fonts and call-to-actions. The signature also plays a very powerful role in establishing authority. Because people don’t want to do business with amateurs, they want simply the best they can afford.

That’s why you simply can’t afford to send amateurish emails as these will only ruin your reputation.

Not only that, but you have to make sure you get permission properly before hitting send.

Many companies with ill-faith will promise you a lot of tricks and results but the consequences can be dire, even leading you to have your email account flagged or banned.

Remember that people want to be delighted and that’s one of our priorities at Super Kosher Sites.

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