CRM Implementation

A place to organise all your business data

CRM or Customer Relationship Manager is the stem of any business. That’s where all client data is stored. This doesn’t just include putting your contacts there but also configuring email sequences, templates, snippets and everything else.
A robust CRM is vital for any serious business, even if you are a solopreneur, no matter if you just started today. It saves a tremendous amount of time handling clients’ deals’ and payment information.
Super Kosher Sites uses HubSpot CRM and I can’t overstate how happy I am with it. It’s very intuitive and allows anyone to learn a lot about it very easily, not to mention it offers an unlimited free plan. This is really wonderful if you are starting now and have limited resources (money).
But there’s more to a CRM than just handling information. They allow you to create lists of your contacts and send targeted e-mail to different segments of your audience. Some CRMs also enable you to automate messages and processes that your leads need to go through.
And this is crucial because managing your leads can be equally or sometimes even more important than finding them.
Did I get you interested enough in setting up a CRM?
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