Content Writing

Captivate your audience, the right way

Content writing involves all forms of copywriting, including articles, headlines, descriptions, titles and landing pages. What’s the advantage of writing properly besides your client not thinking you need some grammar lessons (and fleeing)?
The answer is that search engines like Google and Bing like websites that post a lot. That’s right, these giants prioritise websites that have a lot of content going up on an ongoing basis.
“Content is king.”
So goes the saying that has pervaded the internet. But the phrase should be changed to “a lot of great content is king”.
That’s right, nowadays it’s not enough to write fantastic articles with SEO techniques, they need to come up regularly in your website. This is because search engines know people carve new content. So websites that take care of this innate part of human nature are benefited.

Nevertheless quality still should be your top priority, because people are now more than ever intolerant to typos, incoherent speech and syntax errors. They want to be delighted, and know that the time they will spend reading your article is well worth it. They want to learn, be entertained, feel mildly disturbed (when applicable) and identify with the subject at hand.

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