Business Websites


There are a few differences between a business and an individual website.
While you may not be so concerned about converting visitors into clients when running a blog (because, presumably you have other work) the whole point of a business website is to help you make money. And fast.
Monetising your website will enable you to continue operating for a long time so you can at least pay for the money invested in it. In order for it to happen, a completely different mindset is needed.
We will need to track Key Performance Indicators (KPI), integrate the website with a CRM, make email marketing campaigns and implement many other tools. This naturally takes more work than if you are working as a solopreneur with your own blog or video channel.
It’s ok, we understand.
Not only you want a website which will be blazing fast, user friendly and optimised for search engines but its design will also have to match your brand and give a unique feeling to your clients.
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